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Coldfoot Visitor Center

Coldfoot Visitor Center

The scope of this project consisted of construction of a 6,500 sf visitors center with associated sitework. This project is remotely located in Coldfoot, Alaska, 6 hours north of Fairbanks on the Haul Road to Prudhoe Bay. Major construction challenges related not only to the site’s remoteness, but also due to the fact that Coldfoot faces some of the coldest weather in Alaska, with the shortest construction season in the state.

The wood framed building with standing seam metal roofing is defined by cedar siding on the exterior, with interior finishes consisting of curved walls, natural birch trim, ceramic tile flooring and a domed rotunda over radially patterned wood flooring. All exterior walkways are exposed aggregate concrete, with all concrete required for the project, approximately 200 cu yds, batched on-site using super sacks of aggregate.

Custom stacked stone planters highlight the building’s entrance plaza. Utilities include a drilled well, septic system, and a propane fired boiler with forced air heating. An on-site, underground reservoir was also installed to meet the demands of the fire sprinkler system.