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South Peninsula Hospital

South Peninsula Hospital


The South Peninsula Hospital Phase 2 additions and renovations were the culmination of nearly $30 million in upgrades to bring this facility to the most current standards.

This one state of the art regional hospital serves an area larger than the state of New Jersey. Construction Period – June 2008 through March 2011. This $16 million dollar plus project was completed in 3 definitive phases.

Phase 1

Phase 1 – This 29,000 SF two story addition includes the Acute Care wing with roof mounted Medi-Vac Heliport. This structural steel, concrete decked semi-circular addition was constructed immediately adjacent to a fully functional regional hospital. The Acute Care section was completed and turned over for occupancy in September 2009.

Phase 2

Phase 2 – After a 4 week cessation of construction to allow the existing Acute Care facility to transfer into the new wing, demolition of approximately 13,000 SF of the interior existing spaces commenced. New renovations include a new Laboratory, Pharmacy and OB/Surgery Department. This renovated area is surrounded on three sides by operational and fully functional Emergency, Imaging, Surgery and Long Term Care Departments. This new Lab-Pharmacy and OB area was completed and turned over for occupancy in June 2010.

Phase 3

This final phase consisted of an approx. 1500 SF addition for the new MRI suites containing the new RF shielded Siemens Aera MRI machine, ancillary equipment and controls rooms, changing room and lavatory. This new suite is now fully integrated and connected to the hospital diagnostics and surgical corridors. This new MRI section was completed and turned over for occupancy in March 2011.

Non-disruption of these areas was a crucial aspect of these additions and renovations, requiring logistical use of negative air pressure ventilation systems, VOC control, demolition and noise control, non-disruption and coordination of Medical Gas lines, power routing, heat and water systems and communications. Detailed coordination and scheduling between Jay-Brant and SPH resulted in no time loss, disruption or contamination in ANY adjacent departments during the duration of this project.

This project was completed within budget and on schedule.